The most dangerous chemicals of about 5 tons were

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About 5 tons of dangerous chemicals were checked, and the unlicensed chemical plant was hidden in Shanao ancestral hall

about 5 tons of dangerous chemicals were checked, and the unlicensed chemical plant was hidden in Shanao ancestral hall

July 18, 2013

[China paint information] an anonymous citizen called the mayor's hotline 12345, reflecting that there was a chemical plant producing flammable and explosive chemical products without a license on the mountain in Oubei Hua'ao village, Yongjia. There was no corresponding storage equipment in the plant, but a large number of products were stored, There are not only potential safety hazards, but also serious pollution to the surrounding environment. I hope relevant departments will investigate and deal with it

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the gate of the ancestral hall is closed, but there is an unlicensed chemical factory hidden inside. Photo by Gong Peicheng and Liu Hongyu


unlicensed chemical plant has existed for a long time

report and investigation but failed to break the root

contacted the informant. He said that this chemical plant has been run in the ancestral hall in the mountain depression for several years. It is said that it is produced without a license. The boss is very mysterious. Usually, the door is closed. Only when the car transporting raw materials and finished products comes, the guard opens the door and closes it immediately. He only saw cars marked with "dangerous chemical transport vehicles" coming in and out from time to time, but he was not very clear about what was produced inside

the informant said that by chance, the car transporting dangerous chemicals stopped at the roadside, and the driver got out of the car to urinate. He glanced over and found that there were words such as "toluene" and "acetone" outside the oil barrel transported on the car. He went home and checked it and found that it was a toxic, flammable and explosive chemical. He felt that the situation was serious, so he reported it to the relevant departments of Yongjia. The Department also conducted a door-to-door inspection, which affected the heat exchange on the surface of the light tube. At that time, it was closed for a while. However, before long, there were signs of production inside the closed door

on site:

the former needs to use rougher abrasives to ensure that the polishing process has a large polishing rate. The raw materials smell

are suspected of operating without a license

while contacting the "party newspaper", the staff of the mayor's special line will inform the Yongjia County Magistrate's special line and relevant departments of the situation. Yesterday morning, under the guidance of the informant, the staff of the mayor's special line found the factory located on the hillside

just looking at the gate, you can't see that this is a chemical plant at all. On the two closed big iron doors are written four big characters "Su's ancestral temple", and beside the door is a Leshu monument, indicating the specific amount of money donated by Su's descendants to build the ancestral temple. Through the iron gate, you can see that the place outside the ancestral hall, which should have been Daotan, has built a fence and covered with colored steel, forming an illegal factory building covering hundreds of square meters. The light is dim, and you can vaguely see a pile of things covered by tarpaulins in the corner, and you can smell a pungent smell of chemical raw materials from a distance

and the staff walked around the fence and found that there was a back door of the factory, but it was also tightly closed. Soon after, Yongjia Safety Supervision Bureau staff, street, Hua'ao village cadres came to the scene, but the ancestral hall owner was never contacted. After that, he contacted the public security department at the scene and finally entered the factory with the cooperation of all parties

opening the inner door of the ancestral hall, a smell of chemical raw materials came to my face. I saw that a lot of metal buckets and plastic buckets of chemical products were full or empty, a small number of them were pasted with the words acrylic acid, oil repellent, acrylic acid and xylene on the outside, and more of them were not labeled. When I opened them, I found that there were unknown liquids or viscous semi-solid inside

there are a lot of raw materials stored in the side rooms of the temple. The safety supervision staff confirmed that these are basically the raw materials required for the production of paints and coatings, including inflammables and explosives. The ventilation condition of the site is very poor. It's unbearable to stay in it for dozens of seconds

so far, the fact that Su's ancestral temple was used as a chemical plant has been "firmly established". The safety supervision staff contacted the industrial and commercial department at the scene. After preliminary confirmation by the industrial and commercial department, the factory was not registered with the industrial and commercial department and was suspected of operating without a license


the village said that it had been shut down for more than a year

but there were signs of recent activities on the scene

at the scene, the director of the Hua'ao village committee said that for safety reasons, ouyangming of the village committee said last February that he would inform the factory owner not to continue production. The boss claimed that his wife had spent a lot of money due to illness, and he was exhausted and unable to continue production. He just took this opportunity to end. Therefore, the factory has not produced since then. The chemical raw materials and production equipment now stored in the ancestral hall have only not been processed at that time, and have been preserved to this day

however, the informant assured that the factory had recently produced and sold goods, and had seen vehicles transporting goods in and out. At the scene, we also found various signs that this so-called "shutdown for one year" factory has recently had production and life -

in a separate "laboratory" in the factory, we found a newspaper on April 30, a product inspection report on June 6, and a memo. On the first page, we recorded the two-color ball of welfare lottery and the lottery number of seven lotteries from the 70th to 80th issues of this year. After checking, the lottery for the 80th issue of the two-color ball was held on July 11, while the lottery for the 80th issue of the seven color lottery was held on July 1 and 2 when Erdogan withdrew halfway

in the factory hall, there is a pool of latex on the ground. Press it with your fingers. The latex is not dry yet, and you can pull out a filament with your fingers; In the garbage can in the hall, two empty instant noodle boxes were also found, and the residual juice in them was not dry

because the factory owner and workers were not found at the scene, the staff of Oubei branch of industry and Commerce sealed up the unlicensed chemical plant, and will contact the party concerned to inform him to come to the scene to accept punishment, but he has not been contacted yet

by 5:30 last night, the staff of Yongjia County Safety Supervision Team transferred 29 barrels of hazardous chemicals (180 kg per barrel) such as xylene and acrylic acid to a qualified warehouse for temporary storage, and then they will cooperate with the industrial and commercial department to file a case for investigation

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