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It is urgent to improve the level of intrinsic safety in the field of hazardous chemicals

"at present, the most prominent problem in the field of hazardous chemicals in China is the intrinsic safety. The" Fuxing "EMU took the lead in realizing the global speed of 350 kilometers per hour on the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway. The commercial operation is not high and the improvement process is slow." At the video conference held by the office of the safety committee of the State Council on October 31, sunhuashan, deputy director of the office of the safety committee of the State Council and deputy director of the State Administration of work safety, pointed out, "to this end, in the next three years, departments of safety supervision, development and reform, industrial information, and urban and rural construction at all levels will take the special action to improve the level of intrinsic safety in the field of hazardous chemicals as the top priority, and spare no effort to promote the improvement of the level of intrinsic safety in the field of hazardous chemicals."

sun Huashan analyzed and pointed out that since this year, the safety production situation of the national hazardous chemical industry has continued to be generally stable and good, with an amplitude of 1233 turns, but the safety production situation of hazardous chemicals is still severe, mainly manifested in the frequent occurrence of some large and above hazardous chemical accidents with great impact and heavy losses; There are many factors that affect the fundamental improvement of the safety production situation of hazardous chemicals and restrict the safety development in the field of hazardous chemicals, among which the most prominent problem is that the level of intrinsic safety in the whole industry is relatively low and the promotion process is slow

it is understood that in recent years, the level of intrinsic safety in the field of hazardous chemicals in China is not synchronized with the overall development level of the hazardous chemicals industry. With the rapid development of China's petroleum and chemical industry, some places and units unilaterally pursue the speed and scale of development, do not attach great importance to the impact of the overall layout of hazardous chemical enterprises on the surrounding safety risks, and do not pay enough attention to the fundamental impact of the intrinsic safety of production and storage facilities on the safety assurance ability, resulting in heavy and urgent fire control buttons); The lesson of the catastrophic accident is very profound. For example, the particularly serious oil pipeline explosion and fire accident of Dalian CNPC International storage and transportation company on July 16, 2010 not only exposed the prominent problems of the internal safety management of the enterprise, but also reflected the overall layout of the oil depot, the emergency cut-off facilities of storage tanks, the collection and disposal of leaked oil products, etc

at the same time, there is a big gap between the requirements of process, equipment, personnel, management and intrinsic safety in many small and medium-sized chemical enterprises. For example, the major explosion accident of Hebei Kerr Chemical Co., Ltd. on February 28, 2012 exposed many problems, such as the random change of production processes and raw materials, the inadequate automatic control measures for the key supervision of hazardous chemicals, the low quality of personnel, illegal operations, chaotic management, violation of design standards and so on

in addition, derivative hidden dangers such as insufficient safety distance caused by urban expansion continue to appear. With the rapid development of urbanization, many hazardous chemical enterprises that used to be far away from the urban area are gradually surrounded by various production and living facilities in the urban area, and the surrounding safety protection distance is seriously insufficient; Underground dangerous chemicals pipelines are densely distributed in urban areas, which greatly increases the safety risk of dangerous chemicals in cities and towns. For example, the propylene pipeline leakage and explosion accident in Nanjing on July 28, 2010 exposed some problems, such as the basic situation of underground hazardous chemicals transmission pipeline is unclear, the management responsibility of urban surface excavation is unclear, and the relevant management system is lack

it is particularly important that the lagging concept of safe production of dangerous chemicals restricts the improvement of the intrinsic safety level in the field of dangerous chemicals. Judging from the causes of various hazardous chemical accidents, the low level of intrinsic safety is reflected not only in the hardware of equipment and facilities, but also in the software of enterprise management and personnel quality. First, the planning concept lags behind, and some regions have not scientifically formulated the development plan of the chemical industry. The chemical industry has developed disorderly, and there are potential safety hazards; Second, the concept of safety design is backward, and the elimination, reduction and control of the greatest risk factors are not fully considered, and the existing system lacks effective supervision means for safety design; Third, the concept of standards lags behind, and the formulation and revision of standards cannot keep up with the rapid development requirements of new equipment, new technology and new situation; Fourth, the concept of science and technology lags behind, the automation control level of chemical production devices is low, and the actual safety risk is high; Fifth, the management concept lags behind, there is a lack of experienced professional managers, the professional quality of industrial workers is low, the supervision force is insufficient, and there is a lack of professional supervisors

these problems have not been fundamentally solved, and will exist for a period of time, which highlights the urgency of improving the level of intrinsic safety in the field of hazardous chemicals. Sunhuashan stressed that to effectively improve the level of intrinsic safety in the field of hazardous chemicals, we must solidly implement the work tasks of the special action through strengthening organizational leadership, strengthening the work plan, strengthening the detailed implementation of the implementation plan, strengthening enterprise rectification investment and policy support, and strengthening inspection guidance and experience exchange

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