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With the rapid development of industry, more and more waste gases and wastes are emitted by industry, and the damage to human beings and the environment is becoming more and more serious. Among many pollutants, there is one kind of pollutant whose harm is slowly increasing, which should attract more and more attention. It is dust. Dust refers to particles less than 75 in size suspended in the air μ M solid particles. Although it can't be seen or touched, it has fatal harm

harm to the environment: dust floating in the air can make other harmful substances adhere to it, forming serious air pollution. Since dust exists in the air in a floating state of particles, the inhalation of organisms can cause various diseases, and the surfaces of cultural relics, historic sites and buildings will be corroded and polluted. In addition, a large amount of dust suspended in the air can reduce the visibility of the atmosphere, promote the formation of smoke, easy to form haze weather, but also affect the thermal radiation of the sun, affecting the growth of plants

in addition, the main harm to production is that the dust in the air of the workplace is attached to high-grade and precision instruments and meters, which can reduce the accuracy of phosphate iron oxide scale established in the work area of these equipment; Attached to the transmission and operation parts of machinery and equipment, so that the wear is strong and the service life is shortened; Dust can degrade the quality of some chemical products, mechanical products and electronic products, such as paints, films, miniature bearings, motors, integrated circuits, capacitors, televisions, video recorders, cameras, etc; People's sight is affected in the production process, and the work efficiency is reduced

with China's attention to industrial production emissions and workers' rights and interests, there are also relevant laws and regulations on dust concentration in our country, and some allowable dust concentration standards in special working environments have also been formulated. This also reflects the importance and necessity of dust prevention, dust removal and dust detection. The dust monitoring industry has also begun to develop rapidly, with the help of monitoring instruments

dust detector is a main instrument used for the determination of dust concentration in the environment. It uses laser as the light source and adopts the principle of light scattering method, which can measure the dust concentration in the environment in real time and accurately. It is mainly used to detect the dust concentration in the ambient air. The types of dust meters are divided into: laser dust meter, continuous monitoring dust meter, portable dust meter, etc. dust meters are widely used in the environmental monitoring of centers for disease prevention and control, mines, metallurgy, power plants, chemical manufacturing, etc

direct reading dust concentration meter is an instrument used to measure the mass concentration of solid particles suspended in the air, and can display the concentration value or output the concentration signal. The measuring instrument is mainly used for the measurement of dust concentration in environmental protection, metallurgy, health and epidemic prevention, mining, railway and other industries or departments. Its principle is mainly light transmission method, light scattering method β X-ray method and piezoelectric crystal method convert the dust concentration signal into electrical signal, and then display it through the secondary instrument. The device is divided into total dust concentration measuring instrument and respirable dust concentration measuring instrument (including some instruments with single particle size separation) according to the characteristics of whether there is a front stage and whether there is only periodic error but no accumulated error of the stepper. It is mainly composed of dust concentration conversion component, sampling head, air extraction pump, power supply, circuit and other parts. Some measuring instruments also have the functions of flowmeter, sampling time display or setting, sampling volume display or setting, signal output, etc

portable dust meter is easy to carry. When it is used, it only needs to take samples on site. 60 groups of instantaneous data can be obtained every minute, and high, low and average data can be seen intuitively in a short time. When law enforcement personnel carry the instrument to monitor around the construction site, through the data displayed on the instrument, they can immediately judge whether there is any illegal construction behavior on the construction site, and timely retain relevant evidence. Using the principle of light scattering, it can detect the aerosol concentration corresponding to the particle size number of packaging materials M1, PM2.5, PM4 and PM10 with 50% P replacement, with a measurement range of 0.001 to 150 mg/m3. It can be used for indoor and outdoor monitoring, especially for environmental monitoring such as industrial workshops and construction sites with difficult conditions

in the precision machinery production workshop, the requirements for the cleanliness of the workshop are very high. Dust sensor is an indispensable equipment in almost every precision electronic workshop. Dust sensor is an instrument used to measure the number and size distribution of dust particles per unit volume in a clean room. It has the advantages of fast testing speed, dynamic distribution width and no human influence. It is the main monitoring instrument for production enterprises and scientific research departments such as painting and environmental protection products. Equipped with such an instrument to monitor particle concentration, it can easily understand the dust situation in the workshop when in the office, and realize the intelligent experience of products

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