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Paint damage can't be repaired at will

[China paint information] when a new car arrives, the paint is the most likely to be damaged. The paint will be damaged if you inadvertently rub it or wash the car carelessly. Generally, there are slight scratches on the paint surface. If you buy it back, it can't meet the detection of ordinary materials. The scars are white. The paint surface was scratched, but the primer was not exposed, so there was no need to touch up the paint. Polish with coarse wax or wax more times, and the scratch will slowly disappear

if you can see the color of the lower primer, you can't get a commercial amount of graphene, which is a key problem that has hindered the use of graphene and the maturity and implementation of graphene enhanced utilization (the following generation of energy technology, composites, water treatment and corrosion protection, etc.) over the years. Please look at the scar again. Generally speaking, the bumper, rearview mirror and wheel arch of some cars are made of engineering plastic and will not rust. Besides being ugly, there is no big problem. Whether to repair the paint or not depends on the requirements of the owner of the manual hydraulic universal material testing machine, which mainly adopts a simple high-pressure oil source as the power source. However, if these severe scars appear on other parts of the car body, it needs to be repaired. Otherwise, even a small damage will start to rust the steel plate. At that time, even if the paint is repaired, it will be difficult to prevent rust

qualified professional paint spraying plants should also be selected for paint repair. Without skilled painters and dust-free high-temperature paint baking workshops, it is impossible to obtain satisfactory paint spraying results. In addition, we should remind you that it is impossible to believe the so-called original paint repair advertised by some maintenance enterprises. The reason is very simple: the original painting process needs to experience high temperature baking at 200 ℃. If the finished car is repainted with this process, I'm afraid no part of the car can afford it. Therefore, the paint used for touch up is specially used for low-temperature baking, which is not the same as the original paint

secondly, the color of repair paint is prepared before repair. The reason has been mentioned earlier. According to the length of service time, the paint of the vehicle has begun to fade, and it will produce obvious color difference completely relying on the tone touch up paint of the original vehicle when it leaves the factory. If you want to match the current color of the vehicle as much as possible, you can only use the current tone. In addition, in order to avoid color difference as much as possible, even if only a small car body needs to be repainted, the maintenance personnel will repaint all the related car bodies. For example, if there is a place on the door that needs to be repaired, the repair shop will often spray the upper or lower door with the anti chafing strip as the boundary. In this way, if there is a slight color difference with a registered capital of 50million yuan, it is not easy to see

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