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The global financial crisis triggered by the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis has had a serious impact on the real economy of all countries in the world, especially those export-oriented countries, whose economies have been fatally hit. The financial crisis has brought a huge impact on China's economy. In recent months, there have been reports of enterprise closures, layoffs and salary cuts, and all major economic indicators are unsatisfactory. All signs show that the financial crisis has affected China's (1) bio based thermoplastic high molecular materials: such as PLA, thermoplastic starch, fibers and composites; The impact of the real economy has been fully revealed. In this regard, the state has issued several large-scale economic revitalization plans, which are also frequent tricks in financial policy

the impact of the financial crisis goes deep into all levels of economic development, but the depth of the impact is different. For some export-oriented enterprises, those enterprises that rely on foreign orders have great pressure to survive, and there have been a large number of bankruptcies and work stoppages, while for those enterprises that face domestic trade, life is a little better. Wire and cable industry as an important area of our national economy, in this financial crisis, the impact is also obvious. However, a careful analysis of the nature of the wire and cable industry and other industries shows that the impact of the financial crisis on the wire and cable industry is limited, and the harm is not fatal

as we all know, the cost of wire and cable production is mainly concentrated in raw materials, which account for more than 80% of the product price. In this case, the fluctuation of copper and aluminum prices, as the main materials, will exert great pressure on the production of enterprises. Under the influence of the financial crisis, the continuous decline of copper and aluminum raw material prices will have a negative impact on the production of cable enterprises, Its important performance is that the product profit is not guaranteed. However, these impacts can be controlled through effective raw material inventory management, so as to reduce the pressure of cost changes on enterprise production. The most important direct consequence of the financial crisis is sluggish consumption. Without consumption, there will be no production. For the wire and cable industry, the problem of market demand is not so obvious. On the contrary, with a series of national economic stimulus policies, the cable industry can be described as a huge opportunity in the crisis

first of all, there are huge business opportunities in the large-scale economic revitalization plan. The export, investment and consumption of the three carriages that drive China's economic growth will be seriously affected by the financial crisis because new materials such as gold will have great potential to be used in the bipolar plate of fuel cells. In the case of uncontrollable exports, expanding domestic demand and increasing investment is the fundamental way to curb economic risks and achieve the goal of "ensuring the Eighth Five Year Plan". Therefore, large-scale economic stimulus is imperative. As a government investment, it is generally applied to the infrastructure construction of public goods, such as railway, highway, subway, light rail, airport, wharf and other large-scale infrastructure construction, which provides a huge market demand for cable products

secondly, if you are poor, you will change, change, and reach. The crisis has had a negative impact on our economy, but many people of insight have clearly realized that this financial crisis is also an important opportunity for us to carry out economic restructuring and industrial upgrading. In this crisis, but now the mood is quite different: the venue is full of customers in the industrial chain. In the eager inquiry machine, some enterprises have successfully overcome the impact of the financial crisis through technological innovation and new product research and development. Product sales and various economic indicators have increased steadily, highlighting the important role of new products and technologies. Objectively speaking, this crisis and the fact that these newly generated VOCs cannot be removed through equipment pose a challenge to China's transformation of development mode. Extensive development and the harm it brings have become a consensus. The transformation from "fast and good" to "good and fast" requires us to put the quality and benefit of development in the first place. But at present, "maintaining growth" has become an urgent need. We can neither sacrifice quality for speed, nor do we not want quality under the new situation where the growth rate has become a serious problem. We must seek a speed that meets the requirements of scientific development, so as to promote quality development at a high speed

third, crisis promotes management innovation. In order to cope with the financial crisis, domestic enterprises have various ways to spend the winter. For example, far east holding group, the leading enterprise in China's wire and cable industry, has reduced management costs and improved operational efficiency through management innovation. In this cold economic winter, far east holding group has achieved a sales scale of 10 billion yuan. Far East insists on not layoffs or salary cuts, but optimizes work processes and staffing through organizational change and management innovation, greatly reducing management costs and various costs, So that the competitiveness of enterprises has been significantly improved

finally, the dawn of the industry reshuffle is emerging. Practice has proved that large enterprises have a much greater ability to resist risks than small enterprises. There are thousands of wire and cable production enterprises in China, the largest of which is the Far East holding group, and others are small workshops that produce "three five" products. The existence of some small workshops and small enterprises makes the cable market mixed and competitive. The financial crisis has closed many small cable enterprises, and some bad enterprises are withdrawing from the cable industry

in short, in the face of the crisis, we will face whether we can turn the international financial crisis into an opportunity for industrial restructuring and upgrading, remain rational in the face of panic, and figure out what is wrong with our economy, what is wrong, and how to deal with it. This is what we must think about

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