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The transportation market of dangerous chemicals is stable. How can heavy truck enterprises compete and win

the transportation market of dangerous chemicals is stable. How can heavy truck enterprises compete and win

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"in September, the overall market of hazardous chemical transport vehicles fell by 4%, and some regions rose slightly. Compared with the 32% decline in the overall environment, the performance of the hazardous chemical market was stable." The person in charge of the relevant market of United truck said, "because the number of vehicles is steadily increasing year by year, the demand for fuels (such as gasoline, diesel, liquefied gas and other types of dangerous chemicals) is relatively stable. It is expected that the stagnant dangerous chemical market in Hebei and other places will restart due to the elimination of yellow standard vehicles in the near future, and the sales volume of dangerous chemical vehicles will grow rapidly and continue to be stable in the later period."

the overall bleak market segment can also be

according to the data provided by the China Automobile Association, the sales volume of heavy trucks has declined for 10 consecutive months from August 2014 to may 2015. Since February 2015, the sales volume has decreased by 30% in a single month. There is no need to repeat the bleak situation of the market

it is worth mentioning that in the segment market, the transportation demand for dangerous chemicals has increased steadily, and the annual sales volume of dangerous chemical vehicles has stabilized at about 20000. The long-term stable supply of customers, a large proportion of organized customers, and a stable vehicle renewal cycle are one of the reasons why the dangerous chemicals market has passed smoothly in the overall environment

it is understood that j6p and Renault Tianlong account for half of the tractor market for overvoltage protection of hazardous chemicals, and are expected to account for more than 70% of new vehicles. However, the competition structure of hazardous chemical trailers has been divided by the vassal states. All heavy truck manufacturers are eyeing the market segment of hazardous chemicals

"The recent market performance of the United truck represented by our company is OK, and it is in a state of growth, thanks to the listing and promotion of new products of the United truck and the expansion of the customer group. The United truck dangerous chemicals transport vehicle entered the Shandong market at the end of 2011, and it has been four years. Customers are relatively satisfied with the operation effect of the vehicle, which is mainly characterized by low maintenance rate, low fuel consumption compared with competitive products, high safety factor and high comfort." Said Li Weihai, brand manager of Dongying pengde Automobile Technology Service Co., Ltd

"Due to the abundant supply of dangerous chemicals in Shandong, many users buy dangerous chemicals without water, acid and other mixtures, and the elimination of yellow standard vehicles, the market of dangerous chemicals transportation vehicles is very good. United trucks sell well in Dongying, Binzhou, Zibo and other dangerous chemicals triangle areas in Shandong. The popular models include 380 HP tractors with 6k10 engines and 420 HP tractors with 6k12 engines according to the statistics of relevant departments Car and other two models. " Liuguosun, sales manager of Jirui United truck Marketing Service Co., Ltd. in Shandong Province, said

happy experience driven marketing

before buying a car, customers always inquire and consult privately. They will not make a decision easily. They should look at the relevant brands in their region, compare them, and finally choose the products to buy

"I now have 40 vehicles, including 20 combined trucks. There are also more than 30 combined trucks transporting dangerous chemicals in Chenzhuang Town, Kenli County." Huyongtian, head of dechangyuan Logistics Co., Ltd., further said: "Now the quality of domestic vehicles is almost the same as a whole, so we pay great attention to service. A large part of the factors that affect our car purchase depend on which company has a large service discount and which company has a good commitment. After all, what we save is what we earn. The local dealers of United truck launched a great service discount this year, including zero down payment for car purchase, free insurance, and three-year unlimited mileage maintenance of K12 engine, which is equivalent to saving three years of maintenance costs."

it's easy to sell the first car. Whether the customer buys the second car depends on the service of the first car. "We are confident in the product quality of United trucks, and pay special attention to customer service. For K12 dangerous chemical transport vehicles, service concessions include more than 20 free vehicle maintenance, worth about 25000 yuan; free insurance up to 40000 yuan, etc. we will launch rich forms of policy concessions for different products, different regions and different customer groups." Li Weihai said

With the change of consumption concept, consumers pay more attention to after-sales service while paying attention to the product itself. After sales service has become an important factor for enterprises to maintain or expand market share. "In order to further improve the service quality, the company launched the 'Chang · Kuai experience' service brand, which aims to bring more relaxed driving experience to the majority of users in transportation and work, and create higher logistics and transportation value for them. Especially for this year's new U-series products, the service is more intimate and practical. For example, the maximum warranty period of K12 engine is 36 months, unlimited mileage; screening key service stations for one-to-one guarantee; for driving skills Train customers in fleet management contents such as smart, maintenance cycle and fuel saving strategy; Establish a remote technical support group; Monitor and manage customer vehicle operation information throughout the process; Launch the United truck app to query the service station and ensure that the price of accessories is transparent. The transportation market of dangerous chemicals is very stable, and it still needs to be further cultivated by heavy truck manufacturers. To be refined and expanded, we need more perfect financial policies and landing service policies to support the future sales of products. " Liu guosun said

2mm thick, 5 seconds and safety

"the most important thing of truck transportation is safety. Human life is priceless, and speeding, overloading and fatigue driving are absolutely not allowed. Especially for the transportation of dangerous chemicals, considering the particularity of goods and the harmfulness of accidents, it is required to put transportation safety first. This requires that only better and more reliable vehicles can better undertake the heavy responsibility of dangerous chemical logistics." Hu Yongtian said

"once, a major customer in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province drove the accident car to the scene when holding a product promotion meeting at the local dealer, and said on the spot, 'I want to sign an order for 20 cars. If it weren't for this car, I'd be dead. The cab has changed like that, but it still saved my life'." Liu guosun said

it is understood that ten days ago, a user of United truck said that due to the serious damage of the rear end of the vehicle, the cab broke off the body after the impact, rotated and separated from the front of the vehicle, broke the engine cover, broke the front column of the truck, and rolled about 1080 degrees to the ground. But the two drivers were unharmed, thanks to the sturdy cab of the United truck

the reason is that the combined truck is explained by two data: 2 mm thick and 5 seconds

"The cab of United truck adopts a cage structure, and the steel frame is wrapped in the iron sheet, just like the reinforced concrete in the building. The thickest part of the steel plate in the cab reaches 2mm, which is far higher than the industry standard, which is enough to prove its real materials and practical workmanship. Some manufacturers will reduce the thickness of the steel plate and make the girder thinner in order to reduce the self weight. These behaviors are absolutely not allowed here in United truck. We always insist on putting safety first." First. " Liu guosun further introduced: "At the same time, United truck is the only manufacturer in China that has passed the ADR European standard certification for hazardous chemicals. Although the domestic standard requirements are not so high, based on the criteria of considering customers, United truck products need to be safe and need standard certification. The main function of ADR is to quickly and safely disconnect the vehicle power supply. The ADR system is mainly used in the occasions where the vehicle is not allowed to generate arc during power on and power off and the whole vehicle can be quickly powered off in an emergency, such as Oil tank trucks, chemical inflammables and explosives trucks, military ammunition trucks and the warehouse environment (Arsenal or dust workshop, etc.) where these vehicles are located. If the vehicle is on fire, it only takes 5 seconds to start the switch, and one key can immediately cut off the power of the whole vehicle, which is completely operated in the cab. There is no waste of time such as getting off the vehicle and turning off the battery. "

it is reported that the United truck single rear axle tractor is equipped with abs+asr drive anti-skid control system as standard, which can effectively maintain the driving force of the vehicle, ensure driving stability when starting, accelerating and turning on slippery roads, and further reduce the possibility of accidents. At the same time, the United truck dangerous chemicals vehicle is equipped with RSC (anti rollover stability control system) as standard, which effectively controls the driving stability of the vehicle, and controls the output torque of the engine and retarder through the CAN bus to avoid rollover accidents

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