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Hebei dangerous chemical vehicles need to pass with a permit

Hebei dangerous chemical vehicles need to pass with a permit

May 24, 2005

from recently on, Hebei high speed Traffic Police Corps began to implement a permit system for dangerous chemical transportation vehicles in the province, and unlicensed dangerous chemical transportation vehicles will be banned. Hazardous chemicals passes are managed in the way of one vehicle one permit, which is handled in January and one place in the whole province. For dangerous chemical vehicles that fail to apply for dangerous chemical permits and use expired or forged dangerous chemical permits, the upper limit punishment shall be implemented according to law, and the nearest intersection shall be ordered to get off the road, so as to eliminate the potential accident in time. The vehicle applying for the pass must hold the transportation enterprise operation license, driving license, driver qualification certificate, escort certificate, motor vehicle driving license, tank inspection certificate, introduction letter from the vehicle owner and the specification of hazardous chemical products. As an important part of the instrument, the fixture of Yuanfeng tension machine of the Ministry of public security traffic control registers information and enters it into the database after verification. After being examined and approved by the competent department, the hazardous chemicals pass and registered residence management data magnetic card shall be issued to the vehicles transporting hazardous chemicals, and the dangerous goods logo shall be pasted on the stretched space of the vehicle:> 500mm

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