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[breathtaking] a thunderbolt, twelve wires were broken together

[breathtaking] a thunderbolt, twelve wires were broken together

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original title: [breathtaking] a thunderbolt, twelve wires were broken together

spring thunder rolled on the morning of March 26. Around 9 o'clock, a thunderbolt hit the telegraph pole on Yingbin Road in Bengbu City, causing the wire to fall off and the power outage in nearby residential areas, The power supply company is an indication of the difficulty of elastic deformation of objects. The emergency repair personnel of the company rushed to the scene for maintenance

at the scene of Yingbin Road incident, we saw that the power supply company pulled up the isolation belt, there were scattered wires on the road, and there were three overhead vehicles on the site, carrying the emergency repair personnel of the power supply company to pay close attention to the maintenance on the pole. Dai Zhixiang, who did business nearby, witnessed the whole process of lightning strike on the pole

witness Dai Zhixiang: "at that time, I was sitting at the door and heard two loud noises. The first hit the other side, the second was a fireball here, and then all the lines fell to the ground and lifted up the pen. The thunder was very strong, very loud, and I was very scared, so I ran inside."

according to the introduction, the size of this investment range can lead to three 10 kV power poles and a total of 12 power lines being disconnected by secondary lightning strikes, which mainly affects the power consumption of residents in Hongye Road, Yongye road and Hongye villa

Wang Ping, deputy director of the national Bengbu power supply service command center, said, "we have adopted multi team emergency repair this time. This is a large emergency repair accident. With the cooperation of multiple teams, more than 40 people were arranged on site, and personnel were arranged for each pole to carry out rapid emergency repair to ensure the restoration of power supply."

at 9:49 last night, all faults were repaired and the power supply was restored to normal

source: Bengbu Guang these three theft gangs, China broadcasting television station center

: Peng Xueyuan, Xu Xiaobing

: Yu Liangwei

reviewed by: Wu qiabing

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