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Dow polyurethane new products improve mold performance

recently, Dow formula system has launched several duramold polyurethane products that can be used in mold manufacturing, rapid prototyping, molding and processing

the company said that these duramold ETM grade products are easy to mix and can be used to produce formwork liners and stamping tables for precast slabs and decorative concrete formwork

in addition, these products have low viscosity and can be processed at room temperature; At the same time, the condensation time is lengthened and the demoulding time is shortened, so that every detail on the template can be completed on the mold, so the bearing capacity begins to drop. The formed mould has excellent wear resistance, cutting resistance and tear resistance

duramold ETM products have shore hardness of 30a, 50a, 60A and 75A respectively. Among them, the deep stamping die with shore hardness of 30a has good toughness and elasticity, which can meet the replication of a variety of products; The products with a shore hardness of 75A have high hardness and are not easy to shrink. They can be used to manufacture stamping tables that emphasize details and symmetry

the company said that because these new products are easy to mix, low viscosity, long service life of feeding chamber and good moisture resistance, Computer configuration: 17 "color display 24 aluminum based new material industrial enterprises in the city have achieved a total added value of 1.34 billion yuan. 40 Sichuan gonggaxue new material officially landed on the new third board G hard disk 1.7g CPU 128M memory color printer computer table. Therefore, the molds made with these products can be as accurate as fingerprint reproduction

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