The hottest new demand for anti epidemic products

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Under the epidemic situation, China's foreign trade enterprises are changing their production of epidemic prevention supplies at the first time, making live broadcasts available to the world, and seizing online trade opportunities. China's foreign trade enterprises are accelerating to tap the opportunities brought by the new demand for epidemic prevention supplies

recently, at the 2020 Shanghai international emergency epidemic prevention materials exhibition held in Shanghai, we saw that almost every booth had customers inquiring and negotiating. After only a few hours of development, many exhibitors got a thick stack of business cards in their hands. Some exhibitors "soon dozens of business cards lit up, so they had to go to print urgently"

"after the Spring Festival, we switched to protective clothing and masks for the first time, and completed the certification requirements of the United States and other countries. Now our epidemic prevention supplies are exported to more than 30 countries and regions." The relevant person in charge of Winfrey low precision haidishang Medical Technology Co., Ltd. said that in the process of production, they worked hard to promote the completion of overseas certification requirements, and now the order is scheduled to August

introduce the product features to global customers in fluent English in front of the camera, so that interested customers can establish contact. In this way, once the global live broadcast is over, there is no more time for the same volume and weight, and only one and a half of the electricity can be stored. The set and product "change" into a "Chinese version". The live broadcast for domestic consumers starts at the same venue, which is a scene in the live broadcast room of Aoguang group

"our water-free hand sanitizers and detergents have taken the lead in the global market for many years, but few people in China know us." Mao Guoyong, director of Aoguang group's brand center, said that despite the good foreign trade market, the enterprise still decided to try the domestic market, introduce the brands with leading sales in the foreign market into China, and open stores and do live broadcasts on e-commerce platforms such as tmall and with low sampling rate. "The effect is good, and it soon became the top brand with leading sales."

such a hot "negotiation scene" also appeared at the 30th East China Import and export commodities fair. This year, this "foreign trade weathervane" exhibition not only moved to the cloud for the first time, but also set up a "special zone for epidemic prevention materials" for the first time

Xuguo, deputy general manager of foreign trade of Anhui Light Industry International Trade Co., Ltd., said that the export of enterprises in the first half of the year increased by 49.3% year-on-year, of which the export of epidemic prevention materials reached 100million US dollars, "completely unexpected"

"under the epidemic, online trade transactions have increased significantly." Xu Guo said that through Alibaba, the motor system driven by frequency converter has been used more and more by Amazon and other cross-border e-commerce stations because of its obvious energy-saving effect, convenient conditioning, simple protection, networking and other advantages. In the first half of the year, the enterprise traded nearly US $5million orders online

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