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New trends in the development of steel barrel products in China (4)

VIII. The coating color of steel barrel is more colorful

at present, the color of steel barrel in China has been greatly enriched, and the common monotonous color in the past has been rare, but now the natural color that people advocate has replaced it, such as sky blue, sea blue, forest green, orange red, etc., which is refreshing and makes our steel barrel family more colorful. Not to mention, in recent years, more and more chromatic barrels are a new trend. In order to produce chromatic barrels, many enterprises have eliminated the original electrostatic coating equipment and replaced it with high-pressure airless spraying, thus realizing the production of multi-color barrels

recently, plastic spraying barrels will also become a new fashion. It is a technology that uses electrostatic spraying technology to spray plastic powder on the barrel surface, and then solidifies on the barrel surface after high-temperature melting. Plastic spraying barrels are not only beautiful, but also have strong adhesion, and have good corrosion and weather resistance. It is the development direction of surface coating technology for high-grade steel barrels

at present, the small packaging barrels produced by tinplate in China have been popularized. Foreign countries already have large capacity steel barrel materials, and we will have them in the near future. The new type of precoating coiled material has been developed for many years in foreign countries, and it has just begun in China, and is mostly used in construction and decoration. When it is used in steel barrel production in the future, it not only eliminates the painting process of steel barrel production, but also reduces the environmental pollution caused by painting. Moreover, the import volume is 650000 tons, which improves the painting quality and beauty of steel barrel

IX. the polarization trend of steel barrel capacity has emerged.

due to the incomparable advantages of steel barrel packaging, people are more and more interested in connecting the differential probe rod to both ends of the unknown signal to be measured. Its strong metal texture and solid structure are easy to cause small piston damage and oil leakage, and can be reused for many times. As well as its easy to realize high-grade packaging form, people give it greater hope. So people want it to be smaller and face the end users directly, which not only avoids the trouble of sub packaging, but also facilitates loading, unloading and use. For example, the torque provided by the four liter change fatigue testing machine, which is becoming more and more popular in recent years, belongs to the dynamic torque rectangular barrel, 20 liter convenient barrel, etc., which provides more and more convenience for people. In the future, this development trend will be more clear, and there will be more types due to different uses

the price of steel drums is slightly higher than that of other conventional packaging. In order to reduce the cost of packaging and transportation and facilitate recycling for multiple uses, large steel drums have recently appeared abroad, such as 500 liter and 1000 liter drums. As forklifts and other operations are often used in loading and unloading of these barrels, the degree of packaging damage is much smaller than that of conventional steel barrels, and the value of recycling is higher. The cost of packing is lower than that of packing goods of the same capacity. This large-scale packaging barrel will also occupy a place in the future development. Because it is more conducive to international long-distance transportation

X. international standard steel barrel is the main trend of steel barrel development in the future

in recent years, the international organization for Standardization (ISO) has issued the first steel barrel standard, which indicates that the development of steel barrel must be in line with international standards

there has been no breakthrough development in the national standard for steel drums for many years, which limits the development pace of China's steel drum packaging industry, so it is bound to be eliminated. No matter in terms of the progressiveness of technology or the rationality of structure, international standards are unmatched by national standards. The steel barrel with national standard size is often criticized and restricted for wasting space in international container transportation, while the ISO international standard steel barrel size is the best, because it makes the best use of the space of the standard container, so it is the most reasonable, and is welcomed and promoted all over the world

the international standard steel barrel is not only reasonable in its body size, but also has incomparable advantages in the structure of its top and bottom. The top and bottom of the barrel are not flat like the national standard steel barrel, but bulge outward to form a spherical barrel top. It achieves the best effect in bearing internal and external pressure. Moreover, when the steel barrel dumps its contents outward, it is easy to empty, which is very important for environmental protection, because our closed steel barrel is impossible to empty, which not only wastes all the use of the contents, And it brings trouble to the reuse of steel drums

therefore, whoever is the first to adopt international standards will be the first to get the key to the international gate. Therefore, adopting international steel barrel standards to produce steel barrels has become the fundamental and development trend for the development and foothold of domestic steel barrel enterprises

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