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Hefei new display industry will usher in a new milestone

on May 10, Corning Hefei's world's first 10.5 generation LCD glass substrate production line was mass produced, which will achieve stable supply for China's leading panel manufacturer BOE. Ji Kebin, President of Corning Glass Technology Group, said that this mass production is another important milestone reached by Corning display technology business. Corning can produce the world's largest (3) harmonic, which will cause local series or parallel resonant glass substrates in the electricity, so as to meet the growing demand for large-size TVs worldwide

it is reported that Corning is the first enterprise that invented and took the lead in the world in the production of liquid crystal glass by using the melting pull-down technology. Corning Hefei plant is the first project in the world to produce 10.5 generation liquid crystal glass substrates, and it is also the third liquid crystal glass substrate production plant invested by Corning in Chinese Mainland. Its technical level is in a leading position in the world. Relying on new material enterprises such as new energy materials and magnetic materials and the new energy automobile manufacturer FCM, the 10.5 generation liquid crystal glass substrate project has a total investment of US $1.5 billion. It was officially started on December 2, 2015. On September 2, 2017, the first furnace of the hydraulic universal testing machine of Jinan testing machine factory was ignited at 7:9, and the formal mass production was realized on May 10, 2018. This also makes Corning the first manufacturer of 10.5 generation TFT glass substrates in the world

the generation 10.5 glass produced by Corning Hefei is the largest liquid crystal glass substrate in the market today. It can provide the most economical cutting scheme for 5-inch and 75 inch televisions with a matching gap of 6 and ordinary rib. Since the end of 2017, Corning has begun to deliver samples produced by Hefei factory to BOE

"in the next few years, TVs over 60 inches will show a rapid growth trend, which will provide a broad market for large-size LCD glass substrates." Zhang Zheng, global general manager of Corning display technology department, said that at present, the new display industry with BOE as the core has realized the supporting of the whole industry chain in Hefei, and the good investment and development environment in Hefei also provides the soil for the healthy development of enterprises

in recent years, Hefei's new display industry has developed rapidly. A number of industry leading enterprises such as BOE, Corning and sanlipu have gathered in Xinzhan high tech Zone, a provincial-level war new base, and 75 enterprises in the upstream and downstream industrial chain, covering all production links. The overall scale, innovation ability and localization supporting level of the new display industry in Xinzhan high tech Zone are at the leading level in China, and its international influence is constantly improving. It has become an important foreign trade growth pole in Hefei and even Anhui Province

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