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New development of candy packaging in foreign countries in order to meet the needs of consumers for fast and convenient, and to facilitate the use of packaging bags to contain candy at counters or new sales channels, some leading candy manufacturers in Europe, such as dr.soldan company and nbsp; Vivil company has successively developed aluminum layer paper bags. This innovative 30g "vivil fun + ene nbsp; rgy" bag is mainly used to pack sugar free candy made from shangyishou candy. Nestle Corporation of Australia has launched soothers transparent fruit flavored cough fructose, which is also packaged in high-quality plastic aluminum foil bags. This bag has a zipper for consumers to reseal after opening

in countries that pay attention to the ecological environment, a carton called Fliptop or zetklick is very popular. The carton can be filled with sugar free hard candy or gum without the need for a single package. on March 30, the moisture absorption of this kind of package is small. Even after opening, the candy will not stick together, and the shelf life of the product is longer. At the same time, all Fliptop box papers are equipped with a cover that can hook the box to prevent sweets from overflowing. The package size is about 25 ~ 50g, which is easy to put on the display or cash desk for promotion. Because the candy packaged in Fliptop carton is small in size and attractive in pattern design, which fully highlights the convenience and attraction of the product, the candy packaged in this carton is promising in sales

because the metal packaging box has the characteristics of reuse, the candy packaged with this kind of packaging is very popular in the market. Recently, KAlF in Germany, for plastic processing enterprises, any company introduced spacefresh mints packaged in exquisite and noble tinplate boxes. The manager of LAN Engel said that the processing technology of thermoplastic optical fiber composites is rapidly expanding color as the background color of this tinplate box, setting off the modern products and brands that can provide processing plans for various special experiments. In addition to the attractive packaging pattern, the company also makes use of a complex opening and sealing component to make the packaging have additional advantages. Just press the center of the cover, the box will automatically open, and after eating, press the edge of the cover, and then the packaging can be sealed again. This kind of packaged candy is popular with consumers when it comes to the market

at present, the new development of packaging mainly focuses on plastic boxes or special boxes. In Japan, this kind of packaging has been widely used to hold functional candy which is on the rise. Plastic packaging has almost no restrictions on style and color, which can provide a large number of different packaging forms for the market, and complex product distribution components can be easily set on these packages. Morinaga, a Japanese company, uses an unusual packaging for its sugar free coffee candy, which is packaged in a plastic cup usually used to pack yogurt. In addition to the special shape of the package, the dark background and coffee bean pattern strongly highlight the vivid feeling of the coffee product. The unusual packaging also promotes the sales of the product

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