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Doushan 9C twins help build a better home

"Feng" has the meaning of auspiciousness since ancient times, which has evolved many beautiful allusions and words, such as "Feng Ming Qishan" and "you Feng Lai Yi", which all have beautiful meanings. Recently, two senior generals in Doushan 9C team entered Qishan County and Feng County, two beautiful places related to "Feng", to help build a better life

Effective transformation and upgrading ideas and measures proposed by different industries

"Fengming Qishan", as a famous allusion in China's apotheosis novels, has been displayed in all kinds of scripts and film and television works, and also added a layer of mystery to Qishan County. Doosan dx220lc-9c recently joined hands with Mr. Li of Qishan County to come to this mysterious land to help the historic city glow with more vitality

Mr. Li has been in the construction machinery industry for more than 20 years. For more than 20 years, Mr. Li has become quite influential in the local industry from obscurity. He has been making friends with the principle of integrity and mutual benefit, which benefits from the joint construction of "one belt and one road" and projects between the two countries. In the choice of partners, he has his own principles

in 2016, Mr. Li bought a Doosan DXC. After several months of use, Mr. Li was very surprised by the performance and fuel efficiency of Doosan equipment. When he needed new excavator equipment, he chose Doosan again and dx220lc-9c

Doushan 9C twins help build a better home

at the same time, DXC also supports Mr. Shi's career in qicaifeng County, which is known as "water charm Jiangnan". Mr. Shi has been engaged in the construction machinery industry for many years, so he only needs a few technicians to operate these production lines and has operated engineering vehicles, cranes and other equipment. After years of experience, Mr. Shi decided to expand his career and enter the excavator industry. Therefore, he had a successful hand in hand with Doosan DXC this time

As a dazzling new star in the field of small excavators, DXC combines many advantages and is favored by customers. In addition to DXC, the performance and quality of other equipment in Doosan 9C series are also excellent

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