The abnormal sound of the hottest printer resolves

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The abnormal sound of the printing machine solves the printing machine fault 2

2 Recycled plastic is produced from both nozzles of the paper separation suction nozzle, which is formed by processing and crushing the waste plastic. The "wheezing" sound of empty suction

may be caused by the following reasons: first, improper adjustment and incorrect suction hole; Second, the piston fixing screw automatically moves outward, resulting in the change of the angle of the two suction nozzles, which is not parallel to the paper; Third, the air path is blocked. Tri Mack supports this trend through innovative mixing process, or the air volume of the air pump is too small. Sometimes the paper cannot be blown by the wind or the presser foot presses the paper too much, and the brush blocks the paper, etc. Its control mode is: set a target temperature, which can be handled according to the situation

source: printing technology

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