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Highlights of the application of new dairy packaging technology (Part 2)

Third, paper cans (bottles) inject vitality into the dairy packaging industry

1. Paper cans

Japanese relief printing company developed and invented a new paper can packaging that can maintain a high degree of sealing and sterilization, and can be preserved at room temperature. Its food preservation ability is no less than that of metal cans. Practice has proved that at room temperature, the milk in the tank will not deteriorate for at least one year. It can replace the tinplate and plastic aluminum foil composite tube packaging of milk powder and condensed milk

the main characteristics of this paper can polyolefin pipes for fluid transportation determination of crack propagation resistance experimental method for slow crack growth of notched pipes (notch test) gb/t18476 ⑵ 001 is: lighter than iron cans and glass bottles; It can be filled at high temperature. Due to the edge protection of aluminum foil packaging, the penetration of oxygen is reduced, so the shelf life of circulation at room temperature can reach more than one year; The tank body material is made of paper, aluminum, polyethylene, polyester (PET) and other composite materials, which ensures the strength of the tank body and can be directly circulated in the original shape of the tank. Therefore, like the traditional round tank, it can be used by the automatic sales machine, which is convenient for recycling and processing, can be burned and pollution-free. Recently, this kind of packaging paper can has been used for the packaging of beer and dairy products, and has been highly praised. The paper can is designed into a concave shape on the side of the can, which increases the strength of the can and will not produce a deflated can, which is a key problem in the process of developing cans

at present, the annual consumption of aluminum cans and metal tinplate cans in China is 20billion. Raw materials need to be imported in large quantities and are expensive. Coupled with environmental pollution and other factors, whether to find new packaging containers to replace aluminum cans and tinplate cans has become a matter of constant concern in the industry. The birth of paper cans has overcome various disadvantages and has broad prospects for development. According to experts, it takes at least 17million yuan to build an aluminum cans production line, while only 2million yuan to build a paper cans production line; The economic batch of paper cans is more than 20000

paper cans can be used for packaging beer, dairy products, food, drugs and other products, as well as for the production of paper cups, barrels and other products. Relevant experts predict that the annual demand for paper cans in China will increase year by year, and its excellent characteristics will inject new vitality into the dairy industry and packaging industry. Using paper cans, in addition to reducing the weight of the tank, there is also room for improvement in the material of the tank, reducing the cost. For example, Wuhan has launched a kind of paper cans, whose price is only 1/4 of that of aluminum cans

2. Making paper bottles from waste paper

Kao Corporation of Japan recently developed the latest stamping technology, which can make waste paper into paper bottles containing liquid. This kind of paper bottle can be sealed with a metal cap, which is impossible for current cartons. The company said that the new technology is different from the current rectangular milk boxes and juice boxes, which can produce paper bottles of various shapes. This brand-new paper bottle is made of three layers of materials, the middle layer is pulp, and the bottom and surface are paper caps of another texture. "The hardness of waste paper bottles is no different from that of plastic bottles, but the difference lies in the material. Paper bottles may completely replace plastic bottles in the future.". The cost of waste paper bottles is no higher than that of plastic bottles, but it will take some time for waste paper bottles to be officially introduced to the market, that is, to test how much pressure the object can bear before it deforms or breaks

IV. milk preservation technology of corrugated boxes

the existing preservation technology and process are very complex, and the effect of preservation packaging is poor, and the relative cost is high in the process of packaging operation, storage and transportation. These problems will be solved with nanotechnology

warranty is still a big problem faced by manufacturers. Fresh corrugated box is a special packaging and a technological innovation product. It is the product of the cross combination of modern science and technology and packaging engineering, which reflects the development direction of modern packaging technology. The key of fresh-keeping corrugated box is to carry out nano modification of traditional corrugated board and fresh-keeping design and innovation of traditional corrugated box structure. It has a promising application prospect in the outer packaging of dairy products

1. The mixing of nanocrystals with larger molecules, such as polymer molecules, can greatly change the properties of materials. Nano particles can play a role of nucleation position, making polymer molecules oriented around it. The introduction of nano clay sheets into nylon 6 can improve the mechanical and rheological properties of the material. With the continuous deepening of the utilization of aluminum alloy in the field of automobile lightweight, Honeywell intelligent company of west state launched a series of nylon 6 nano composite products, which enhanced the oxidation shielding ability and degassing ability, and increased the tensile mold, bending mold and bending strength by 30% - 50%, and doubled the heat resistance. Lhmcy well's product, aegisnc, can resist the penetration of 1LO: and C02. The nano particles added in the polymerization process can form a barrier that can block the movement of gas molecules in the cured nylon. Compared with ordinary nylon 6, the resistance of nanocomposites to o: and CO: transmission is 6 times higher. Aegis NC is applicable to cardboard boxes used for coating and packaging dairy frozen food

2. Silica mixed lining paper corrugated board and carton. This kind of corrugated board has good fresh-keeping performance. The processing and production of the board is exactly the same as that of ordinary corrugated board, and there is no need to add any material between the lining paper and corrugated board. Its fresh-keeping effect is that the lining of the cardboard contains nano powder that can absorb ethylene gas. Nano powder is a porous powder made of silica with silica as the main component. Because silica is better than activated carbon, rare earth zirconium and zeolite in absorbing ethylene gas, the paper with nano silica powder as the lining paper of corrugated board has a better fresh-keeping effect

of course, new technologies and materials are definitely not limited to these aspects. For a dairy enterprise, the introduction of a new technology, a new technology and a new material is equivalent to injecting fresh blood into the enterprise

many new packaging technologies are based on new packaging thinking. The function of the new packaging thinking is to transcend the existing packaging technology and products, and apply the combination of other related technologies to packaging to form a new packaging technology


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