The 9C excavator with a capacity of more than 30 t

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Doosan's 9C excavators with a tonnage of more than 30 tons are coming heavily

today, we will bring you Doosan's three earthwork equipment with larger tonnage and stronger strength - dx300lc-9c, dx340lc-9c, dx380lc-9c

fuel saving star - Doosan dx300lc-9c

Doosan dx300lc-9c is the "fuel saving star" in the 30 ton level equipment. It adopts the 6-cylinder EFI engine developed by Doosan's independent research and development Shandong innovation group, which meets the national emission standard, has strong power, and the excavation operation is solid and powerful. The fast lifting and lowering speed of the big and small arms and the strong rotating torque can realize rapid operation. Efficient hydraulic system brings more powerful rotary force and effectively ensures efficient compound operation

Doosan dx300lc-9c excavator

earth rock master - dx340lc-9c

dx340lc-9c is specially designed for Chinese small and medium-sized mines and large earthwork customers to ensure efficient work and reduce fuel consumption for customers

dx340lc-9c is equipped with imported hydraulic pumps and gear pumps with large capacity and excellent performance, which can realize efficient power output and control. The combination of efficient slewing motor and excellent slewing reducer can give full play to the excellent performance of slope excavation, loading and slewing operations

Doosan dx340lc-9c excavator

mining King - dx380lc-9c

Doosan, starting from the needs of users, through continuous research and optimization, has created the best model of a new generation of mines, and arranged staff to solve dx380lc-9c at the customer's site as soon as possible. Dx380lc-9c adopts a new generation of electronically controlled engine, which has the advantages of high performance, low fuel consumption and high durability. Most of them are imported configurations. Combined with the high flow hydraulic main pump, it can provide strong power output. In addition, Doosan's unique EPOS and SPC intelligent control technology ensure efficient operation and reduce fuel consumption

Doosan dx380lc-9c excavator

the centrifugal filtration system and dual oil-water separator provided by the engine can greatly improve the adaptability of low-quality oil products, which also determines to adopt the single arm type, providing an effective guarantee for the durability of the engine. Dx380lc-9c has strong vehicle operation performance, the strongest excavation force and the largest bucket capacity at the same level, ensuring that it is more handy in large-scale earthwork operations

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