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On the afternoon of June 18, the 9th "embedded IOT" forum of China embedded Association entered Microsoft and the Embedded Technology Salon of MSDN Chinese Forum was held on the third floor of Wangjing Microsoft building

this forum attracted more than 100 friends from enterprises, universities and media. First of all, there are more intelligent bridge testers (such as high-voltage digital bridge). The winner of Microsoft innovation cup and the team of Tsinghua University introduced their innovative works; Then, Microsoft MVP fanchenghu and Meng Yang shared the embedded financial industry solutions and embedded smart home solutions with you respectively; Luo Weiping of shuailing technology made a wonderful speech on the application of serial WiFi module in IOT

the biggest highlight of this forum is that the real IOT has been defined and discussed again, and the embedded system has moved from the back of the stage to the front of the screen

international giants both push the embedded IOT to build an embedded singing opera

one is the global hardware giant Intel, the other is the software giant Microsoft, which vigorously promotes embedded in the upstream and midstream of the embedded IOT industrial chain respectively

at the time when IOT was launched and swept the market, the embedded system was ignored by people with strong professionalism, but it played a crucial role in the core technology of IOT

Boswell, vice president of China embedded Association and Secretary General of China IOT Industry Association, said in an interview at the meeting: at a time when the fashionable IOT has been hyped, many people actually don't know the true meaning of IOT, but Intel has established the Chinese Research Institute of embedded direction. At present, Intel and Microsoft, the eldest leaders in chips and desktop operating systems, have entered embedded. Embedded system is the core driving force for the development of IOT industry

chip leader Intel turned to embedded Microsoft to enter the embedded operating system

is extremely popular in IOT. Intel unexpectedly established the China Research Institute and made it undertake the forward-looking research task of embedded system, which has become one of the five major nodes of Intel Research Institute in the world

Intel, the boss of PC chips, resolutely chose embedded as the starting point to promote embedded at a time when IOT is extremely hot. Microsoft, the boss of desktop operating system, also publicly announced its entry into embedded operating system and has done research, development, promotion and application

the vision of major international companies is forward-looking. IOT is just a concept. When it comes to applications, we should emphasize the role of embedded technology. Boswell said so

Intel is undergoing a major transformation process. In the future, our focus will be on the embedding and integration between PP, PVC plastic computing technology and other industries. At the previous Intel Beijing Information Technology Summit (IDF), Yang Xu, Intel's global vice president and President of China, said

as China is the first country in the world to promote IOT and the three in one national policy at the government level, emerging 3D TVs, automotive electronics, smart appliances, IOT and intelligent transportation infrastructure are growing rapidly

previously, Douglas Davis, vice president of Intel Architecture division and general manager of embedded and Communication Division, pointed out that Internet is going through the fourth stage of its development in June this year, embedded intelligent Internet, which is actually what the IOT concept really pursues. Many portable devices equipped with embedded solutions are the mainstream carriers in the future era of personalized Internet

no matter the Internet of things, it cannot be separated from computers. Embedded is a form of computer application. In addition, the number of embedded intelligent device terminals is far greater than the number of PCs we see, and the number of embedded devices accounts for 95%. So said Boswell above

IOT built-in singing

IOT covers a wide range of applications, which is amazing. Wu Geng, chief architect of Intel Wireless Technology Department, pointed out that IOT is actually an extension of the traditional embedded communication system, which has made revolutionary progress. The application fields are tracking, electronic medicine, intelligent transportation, green environment, etc

Boswell said: IOT is a concept, and embedded system is the core technology supporting the development of IOT industry. It will be the mainstream trend for the development of IOT industry to build an embedded singing platform

Meng Yang, the most valuable embedded expert of Microsoft and a senior embedded expert of SMIC Youdian Mengyang embedded system development, told: the new generation of embedded operating system platform windows embedded leads the innovation of special equipment and provides convenient and small connecting devices for medical, retail, industrial automation, consumer electronics and other industries. With the advent of the era of IOT, the number of IOT with special embedded devices as the core will provide huge market opportunities and create new competitiveness in the embedded field with the booming of emerging fields, such as terminals

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