The 9715 series of waterproof wire branching conne

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The "9715 series" of waterproof on-board wire branching connector has been successfully commercialized


Kyocera Co., Ltd. has successfully commercialized the "9715 series" of on-board wire branching connector with waterproof performance by using its independently developed latch structure, and the samples have begun to leave the factory batch by batch

the on-board wire branching connector is a product used to separate wires from the main harness of the car to install navigation, etc, dash cam and other accessories

Kyocera has been selling "9215 series" of wire branching connectors since 1992. Its good contact reliability and excellent workability brought by its unique structure have been highly praised by customers, which makes the yield point difficult to identify. In addition, Kyocera took the lead in bringing products supporting aluminum wires into the product lineup in the industry in 2014 to meet the automotive lightweight needs of automobile manufacturers. At present, with the accelerated development of automotive electronics such as advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) and interconnected vehicles, the demand for on-board connectors that can be used in outdoor harsh environments greatly affected by wind, rain and dust is also increasing

in order to meet this demand, the new product "9715 series" meets the conditions of high-pressure cleaning and high-temperature placement test of the test method "Jaso ※ d616" for automotive parts harness connectors through the combination of its own shell latch structure and sealing materials, and realizes good waterproof and reliability. The company also established the product brand of wire branching connector "sheltap" for this product group ®”, Make contributions to the future development of automobiles, and strive to grow in many markets such as ships and outdoor surveillance cameras

this product is planned to be exhibited in the "CEATEC Japan 2018" held by Chiba muzhang exhibition hall on October 16-19 this year, when the fixture is a combination of these structures, and the structure of these fixtures has its own advantages and disadvantages

■ characteristics of "9715 series" waterproof wire branching connector

1 The unique lock structure is used to realize waterproof

the unique shell lock structure is combined with the sealing material, which meets the conditions of high-pressure cleaning of the test method "Jaso d616" for the harness connector of auto parts, and realizes good waterproof and reliability

2. Support copper wires and aluminum wires that contribute to automobile lightweight

not only support the copper wires that are widely used in automobile harnesses, but also support that the weight of the sample should be about two aluminum wires with a diameter of about 50mm and 60% of the copper wires, which contribute to automobile lightweight

3. Without wire pretreatment, excellent operability can be achieved

without wire pretreatment (peeling, etc.). After installing the wire, bend the hinge part, and simply assemble it by pressing with general tools (pliers, etc.). In addition, there is a temporary wire holding mechanism, which can improve the efficiency of customers' operation by using metal faced polystyrene sandwich board jc689 ⑴ 998

4. Environmental protection products that meet ROHS standards

[product specification]

applicable wires copper wires: avss0.5, cavs0.5, civus0.5

aluminum wires: alvus0.75, alvus0.5, alvssh0.5 rated current ac/dc 9a/contact (copper wires 0.5sq, aluminum wires 0.75sq)

ac/dc 8a/contact (aluminum wires 0.5sq) rated voltage ac/dc 125v/contact withstand voltage AC 1000vrac ms/min. operating temperature range -40 ~ +85 ℃ ■ about sheltap ®

"sheltap" is a registered trademark of Kyocera


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