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Hearthstone legend chaos cube machine hunt card group matching recommendation

hearthstone legend chaos cube machine hunt card group is the way to read the hardness value of this game: a card group has just been launched in the dial, and many friends are asking how this hearthstone legend chaos cube machine hunt card group is matched? It brings you the friction and wear phenomenon of hearthstone legend chaos 3 materials. It is recommended to match the magic cube machine hunting card group

hearthstone legend fighting Rubik's cube mechanical hunting group recommends

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\35; 2x (2) bomb dropping

starting hydraulic pump

# 2x (2) mechanical jumpers

# 2x (2) poison arrow robot

# 1x (2) power on robot

# 1x (2) heavy blade crossbow

# 2x (3) Spider bomb

# 2x (3) King Kong saber tooth beast

# 2x (3) bronze doorman

# 2x (4) kevis

# 2x (4) bomb dropping robot

# 2x (4) manned harvester

# 2x (all springs bearing variable load 4) mass production scare machine

# 2x

# 1x (5) chilias

# 2x (5) war machine soldiers

# 1x (7) Blasting master flack

card code:


# to use this deck, please copy it to the clipboard first, and then click "new deck" in the game to paste it

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