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Publication recommendation: 2019 "coating and protection" issue 1 body summary

publication recommendation: 2019 "coating and protection" issue 1 body summary

January 24, 2019

analysis and test

1. Factors affecting the performance of pre coated coil metal topcoat

Abstract: focus on some main factors affecting the comprehensive performance of pre coated coil metal topcoat, especially the color difference stability and storage stability. Including: the selection of base resin, the type of curing agent, the amount of aluminum silver paste pigment and the type of anti sedimentation agent on the comprehensive performance of metal finish. Through various performance tests, it is found that without affecting the comprehensive performance of the metal finish, adding vapor phase silica anti sedimentation agent can improve the storage stability of the finish, and the change of the color difference of the sample before and after storage is small

key words: precoated coiled material; Metal finish; Polyester resin; Amino resin; keep in storage; Color difference

authors: Zhou Chunli, Li Yang, Feng Chunmiao, Wu kuilu, Pu Jing (CNOOC Changzhou environmental protection coating Co., Ltd., Changzhou 213016, Jiangsu)

2. Research summary of the field test method of the anti-skid performance of paving materials: investigated the detection method of the anti-skid performance of paving materials in foreign standards such as ISO, en, ASTM, BS; The applicability of various methods for dry surface, wet surface, laboratory testing and field testing is summarized; A kind of on-site anti-skid performance testing method suitable for domestic paving materials is studied, and its on-site testing and laboratory testing, dry surface and wet surface testing data are compared. The results show that the field detection is basically consistent with the laboratory detection data, and the detection for the wet surface is more accurate, which reduces the error of the previous laboratory wet surface anti-skid performance detection

key words: paving materials; Anti skid performance; On site inspection; Laboratory testing

Author: Hu Xiaozhen, Xia Yan, Miao Ce (Shanghai Jianke Inspection Co., Ltd., Shanghai 201108)

coating management

3. Key points of quality control of "paint to powder" powder coating on carriage Abstract: This paper discusses the key points of quality control of powder coating in the process of process development of transforming the traditional liquid coating line of automobile carriage into a powder coating production line. Through the process compatibility verification of powder coating and silane pretreatment, electrophoresis, sealant materials, and cross coating verification with liquid coating, the quality problems such as the adhesion between powder coating and each layer, final appearance gloss, mechanical properties, salt spray resistance, aging resistance, tightening adhesion with assembly bolts and so on are verified, analyzed, adjusted and controlled, and optimized to meet the coating quality requirements of the carriage, It provides technical reserves for the promotion and application of powder coating technology in car compartments

key words: powder coating; Salt spray resistance; Adhesion; Aging

authors: Pi Qin 1, Yang Xu 1, Wu Wenping 1, Li Jin 1, Luo Chuan 2 (1. Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Hefei 230601; 2. AkzoNobel powder coating, Shanghai 200050)

4. Research on the application of water-based aerosol paint Abstract: dimethyl ether (DME) was tested and selected as the ejector of water-based aerosol paint, and its compatibility with different water-based resins was studied under the mass ratio of material to gas of 1:0.7; Water soluble acrylic resin was selected as the research object, and it was found that the cosolvent can rise and fall viscosity, improve spray state and help film formation in water-based aerosol paint. The test results show that the water-soluble acrylic aerosol paint has fast dryness, good hardness and water resistance, and basically meets the requirements of water-based aerosol paint

key words: aqueous resin; Dimethyl ether; Aerosol paint; Cosolvent

authors: he Yanhua, Liu Yuhui, Qiu Xuwei, Wang Junyao (Tongde Chemical Co., Ltd., Foshan 528500, Guangdong) waw series microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine adopts the oil cylinder down mounted main engine produced by Shimadzu technology of Japan

coating technology

5. Research summary of high weather resistance and easy cleaning powder coating: mainly for the use environment and use requirements of easy cleaning powder, Based on the hydrophobic and oil repellent principle of easy to clean powder, the effects of different resin ratios on the easy to clean effect were discussed by selecting appropriate resins, isocyanates and additives. Finally, the easy to clean powder coating with excellent weather resistance, solvent resistance, hydrophobic and oil repellent properties was developed

key words: powder coating; Easy to clean; Hydrophobic; Oil drainage; Solvent resistance

Author: Ouyang Jianqun, Gao Qingfu, Chen Jiahao, Ma Huigang (Guangzhou Qingtian Material Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou 510860)

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process technology

6. Development summary of elastic fluorocarbon coatings for concrete structures in marine environment: high quality elastic fluororesin is used as the base material, weather resistant flexible isocyanate is the curing agent, supplemented by suitable pigments, fillers, solvents, additives, etc, An elastic fluorocarbon coating for concrete structures in marine environment was developed by optimizing the formulation. The effects of different curing agents, different R values (- nco/- Oh mass ratio) and dispersants on the properties of elastic fluorocarbon coatings were emphatically discussed. The tensile strength of the optimized elastic fluorocarbon coating is 12.59mpa, and the elongation at break is 200%. After 5000h artificial aging, the paint film will not be powdered and cracked, and the light retention is as high as 87%. The test results show that the prepared products not only have excellent weather resistance and corrosion resistance of fluorocarbon coatings, but also have high elongation and cracking resistance of elastic coatings, which better solves the problems of insufficient aging resistance and poor cracking resistance of protective coatings that they will face when they are used in concrete structures to collect targeted information on the needs of new special metal materials in Dongguan's major pillar industries

key words: marine environment; concrete; Elastic fluorocarbon coating

Author: Pan Yunfei, Zhou Rudong, Zhu Xiaofeng, Zhao Baohua, Li Wenkai (CNOOC Changzhou coating Chemical Research Institute Co., Ltd., Changzhou 213016, Jiangsu)

7. Preparation and Performance Research of silicone acrylate modified waterborne polyurethane lotion Abstract: Poly tetramethylene ether glycol (ptmeg-2000), isophorone diisocyanate (IPDI), hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA) 2,2-dihydroxymethylpropionic acid (DMPA) and 1,4-butanediol (BDO) are used as the main materials to synthesize the water-based polyurethane (WPU) with the function of automatic zeroing, which is terminated by HEMA. Methyl methacrylate (MMA), hydroxypropyl methacrylate (HPMA) and vinyl triisopropoxysilane (ac-76) were introduced to modify WPU by copolymerization. A series of acrylic polymer (PA) and pa/ac-76 modified PU paint films were prepared. The structure of the paint film was characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy; The effects of the amount of PA, the mass ratio of MMA to HPMA and the amount of ac-76 on the mechanical properties and hydrophobic properties of the paint film were investigated by pencil scratch hardness tester, adhesion tester and contact angle tester. The results show that PA, ac-76 and polyurethane (PU) segments have been crosslinked; The mechanical properties and hydrophobic properties of the modified film have been effectively improved. When the amount of PA is 40%, the mass ratio of hard and soft monomers m (MMA) ∶ m (HPMA) =5:4, and the amount of ac-76 is 5.41%, the comprehensive performance of the paint film is the best

key words: waterborne polyurethane; Vinyltriisopropoxysilane; Copolymerization modification

Author: Ji Jianye 1, pangxiaoyan 1, Ge Xin 1, Liang Weijie 2, Zhang Guiyun 1, Chen Xunjun 1, Ge Jianfang * 1 (1. School of chemistry and chemical engineering, Zhongkai College of agricultural engineering, Guangzhou 510225; 2. School of materials, Northwestern Polytechnic University, Xi'an 710072)

health, safety, environment

8. Screening and suggestions of key volatile organic compounds in the coating industry Abstract: volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are current core air pollutants, The emission of VOCs in the production and use of coatings has been concerned. Based on the specific database of the United States EPA and the investigation of actual enterprises, this paper studies the screening principles and methods of key VOCs in the coating industry, and determines the scoring standards and quantitative processing methods of VOCs; Select 15 types of paint coating processes, and take mass fraction, odor threshold, saturated vapor pressure, air environment target value and maximum incremental reaction activity as evaluation parameters. Seven (class) key VOCs in the paint industry are selected by grading assignment and multi parameter comprehensive scoring. The current situation of the implementation standards of key VOCs was investigated and compared, and suggestions for revision were put forward

key words: volatile organic compounds; Give priority to the control of pollutants; Coating industry; Specify database

Author: Gu Xinsheng 1, 3, Liu Jie 2, Xiuguangli 1, 3, 4 (1. National Key Laboratory for environmental protection and environmental risk assessment and control of chemical processes, East China University of technology, Shanghai 200237; 2. China Paint Industry Association, Beijing 100079; 3. Shanghai Key Laboratory for environmental protection and environmental standards and risk management of chemical pollutants, Shanghai 200237; 4. Shanghai Institute of pollution control and ecological security, Shanghai 200237)

Applied Research

9 Experimental study on the reflective performance of heat reflective and heat insulating coatings after natural exposure Abstract: five kinds of heat reflective and heat insulating coatings were tested for 2 years. The performance change rules of five different composition systems of thermal reflective insulation coatings, such as solar reflectance, near-infrared reflectance, hemispherical emissivity, lightness value and so on, were studied and analyzed. The results show that the reflective properties before and after natural aging have nothing to do with the type of substrate; After natural aging, the hemispherical emissivity of the sample changes little. The hemispherical emissivity of the sample of the same thermal reflective insulation coating is basically between 0.8~0.9. After 24 months of natural exposure, the attenuation of the solar reflectance of the five thermal reflective insulation coatings is more than 30%

key words: heat reflective thermal insulation coating; Natural exposure; Sunlight reflectance; Near infrared reflectance

Author: Chen Dongping 1, 2, Wang Wenjun 1, Zeng Xun 1 (1. Sichuan Academy of Building Sciences, Chengdu 610081; 2. Sichuan Research Center for building energy conservation and green building engineering technology, Chengdu 610081)

10. Discussion on the application of nano titanium dioxide hydrosol on the reflection sustainability of thermal insulation coating Abstract: flat coating, water in water Sand in water reflection and heat insulation composite coatings, and use silicon modified acrylic resin and nano titanium dioxide hydrosol to protect these composite coatings from pollution. On this basis, the influence of natural aging time on the reflection effect of these coatings was investigated. The results show that for the flat coating system, the coating coated with nano titanium dioxide hydrosol has no effect on the initial gloss and hue, and the stain resistance has been improved, and the sustainability of the reflection ability has been improved, especially for the samples with medium and high brightness, compared with the coating without stain resistance coating and the coating with silicon acrylic overlay. It is suitable for the protective coating or product improvement of the outer coating of existing reflective and thermal insulation buildings; The sustainability of the stain resistance and reflection ability of the texture coating is also the best sample coated with nano titanium dioxide hydrosol. However, due to its poor surface flatness, more than 20 "single champion" demonstration enterprises in the manufacturing industry with self-cleaning ability are not enough to compete with the stain effect, so the maintenance of the reflection performance is still based on the consideration of adjusting the texture and overall brightness of the coating

key words: nano titanium dioxide hydrosol; Thermal insulation coating; Reflexivity; Sunlight reflectance; Sustainability

Author: Shen hang (Fujian Academy of Building Sciences, Fuzhou 350002; Fujian Key Laboratory of green building technology, Fuzhou 350002; Fujian Construction Engineering Building Materials Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., Minhou, Fujian 350100)

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