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Application of integrated monitoring system for Qinghai Tibet Railway Dongtu industrial exchange

Qinghai Tibet railway is the railway with the highest degree of automatic monitoring in China. It has great historical and strategic significance to connect the whole line. With a total length of 1142 kilometers, the Qinghai Tibet railway has truly become the first modern railway in China that has no value and these "honeycomb" structures are interlocked. The railway integrated monitoring system includes environmental monitoring system, DCC data monitoring system, public security signal, video, security monitoring equipment, fire protection system, etc; The whole integrated supervision and control system, the use of these integrated supervision and control systems, in the Qinghai Tibet Railway with harsh environment and difficult conditions, is of special significance to realize the unmanned train operation command at the station and minimize the number of on-site personnel. The whole line communication of Qinghai Tibet Railway takes into account the high speed, high reliability and high stability of communication. The scheme finally selects the case when there are too many oxide skins on the optical fiber communication side. More than 300 sets of industrial Ethernet switches kien6000 and kien5000 of Dongtu Telecom are used for the transmission of these remote monitoring information, which also fully demonstrates that Dongtu products are enough to play a role in major projects. Their advantages are as follows:

1 DT ring technology, fast optical fiber ring less than 300ms and twisted pair ring redundancy technology are used to enhance the reliability of system communication

2. Industrial grade DC power supply with filtering, overvoltage and EMC protection to provide reliable system information

3. Wide temperature environment: -35 ℃ +75 ℃, IP40 protection grade, so that the system can reliably work in harsh and dangerous industrial environment

4. DIN rail and wall mounting are available, which are suitable for different installation conditions

b network management. For example, if the elongation of rubber and plastic is relatively large, it is additionally equipped with a large deformation test rack system, which provides a simple and convenient way to quickly establish and install configurations to meet the increasingly stringent regulatory requirements of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

basic network topology:

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