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Sigmatekplc is applied to the NC slicer

project introduction

the system is mainly used for cutting the reinforcing plate of the grinding wheel. In order to meet the cutting requirements of different specifications of wheel reinforcement. The CNC slicer uses the cutting principle of three-axis linkage operation, and the x-axis drives the left and right stepping motors to move punching and cutting. Y-axis is driven by progressive hydraulic pressure and is responsible for longitudinal feeding. The z-axis is driven by punching and cutting hydraulic pressure, which is used to carry out the cutting action of lifting and pressing on the vertical surface in coordination with the movement of the cloth surface. In view of the needs of the actual situation, the cutting processes of products of different specifications are almost the same, and the corresponding step-by-step distance and motion trajectory need to be changed. Therefore, the process needs to be changed through the use of intelligent automatic control equipment and simple program changes, so as to adapt to the production of products of different specifications and improve efficiency

sigmatek's solution

the system uses sigmatek's PLC as the controller. At the same time, it is equipped with German KEB frequency converter according to customer requirements. Sigamtek is used to develop can bus for safe and high-speed communication between the two, which can make the tin clamp times up to more than 300. The control interface adopts 256 color true color display screen plus extensometer - tool film button for measuring linear size change. It can set various parameters, display key parameters such as current cylinder clamp times, sliver conveying speed, remaining sliver length, remaining time of full cylinder, and can record the current output and cumulative output of five teams whose equipment volume is reduced by about 2/3 at most. At the same time, it can automatically display the current alarm content to help timely braking, debugging and repair

after using sigamtek's PLC, the chief officer improved the automation of the system. The system can realize different working states such as inching and automatic operation of the locomotive head, and realize the automation of various devices, such as automatic barrel changing, automatic transportation of small coils, automatic winding, automatic cleaning of top comb, automatic reset of parking tongs, etc., and realize the adjustment and single-step debugging of process parameters to a certain extent, which can automatically clean the tin cylinder at a fixed time. The system also has various perfect and reliable alarm functions, which are mainly reflected in the use of a variety of high-sensitivity automatic stop devices: such as automatic stop at the end, automatic stop at the full cylinder, automatic stop at the strip, automatic stop at the empty coil, automatic stop at the roller winding, automatic stop at insufficient pressure of the separation and drafting roller, various safety automatic stops, etc. at the same time, it can enter the slow operation or stop according to the different alarm types and levels

the application of man-machine interface further strengthens the functions of combing quality detection and computer monitoring system, such as quickly displaying the output and quality information of comber, displaying the location of machine failure, and automatically alarming when the quality fails to meet the requirements

sigemtek application advantages

1 The system has high efficiency and high degree of automation, which can effectively reduce the labor intensity of the car stopper and improve the efficiency of a single machine

2. Different working states can be selected according to process needs, with great adjustability

this kind of organic sheet is only 0.5 mm thick. The quasi experimental method usually has strict regulations on the shape and size of the test piece, whether there is a notch, the conditions for making the test piece (forming method), the state conditioning of the test piece (temperature, humidity), and the experimental conditions (temperature, humidity, testing machine, load, loading speed, etc.) 3 Data communication is high-speed and safe, which makes the Xilin clamp times reach the international level

4. The operation interface is beautiful and easy to operate

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