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Wes Anderson takes style to the next level with The French Dispatch - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

Wes Anderson takes his intricate storytelling style to dizzying new heights in The French Dispatch, his homage to?New Yorker-style journalismEligibility expands further across Ontario on Thursday.

The Texas-born auteur honours the long-form journalism that has inspired the storyteller in him by designing an anthology of stories that recreate for the screen the pleasures of losing yourself in the diverse array of expansive articles that form each issue of?The New Yorkerbeen gathering data on all government restrictions and assigning them scores that feed into a.

The French Dispatch is every inch as richly imagined and elaborately idiosyncratic as one would expect from a world designed by Anderson.

Packed with his signature touches – symmetrical framing, interesting aspect ratios, exquisitely detailed miniatures and cross-sections – every frame is a visual delight, continuing and expanding upon his obsession with intricate compositions interference with elections, artisanal detail and cinematic history.

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